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14 March 2020

Our priority at Carrington Practice is the wellbeing of our community. In light of growing concerns around the Corona virus, we want to reassure you that we will do everything we can to support you, your loved ones, and our sweet community. We are staying informed by monitoring the situation both locally and globally. As we continue our regular practices of maintaining a clean and safe clinic, we are also paying extra attention on areas of common contact such as counters, doorknobs, keyboards, EMDR equipment, and phones. Additionally, we will be implementing the recommendations made by Occupational Health & Safety Alberta. 

If you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms

The one, universal, most valuable recommendation to help prevent the spread of the virus, is handwashing. Contaminated hands are a major vector for respiratory infections. While there is no specific frequency that is ideal, wash well and wash often. If you feel like you are drying or damaging your skin from too much washing, moisturize with a non-petroleum-based product like coconut oil. 


If you are feeling unwell, we encourage you to request a phone or video session or reschedule your appointment. We will do everything we can to accommodate you and your needs.

Coping during a pandemic

Stay informed—not overloaded. Too much news and social media can create unneeded stress. Gather information that will help you accurately determine your risk so that you can take reasonable precautions. Framing risk with clear facts helps quell panic. Alberta Health Services, the World Health Organization, Public Health Agency of Canada, and the US Center for Disease Control are all reliable information sources. 

Stay healthy

Social distancing and good personal hygiene will keep you and others safe.
Thank you for your support in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all of us.

—Jody’s Team

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