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You recently graduated from Mount Royal University with your PR degree, congrats! Tell us about school, did you love it or hate it?  

I loved it. If I could go back, I would do it all over again. The program was so hands-on and my professors genuinely wanted to see their students succeed.  

How did you end up working with Dr. Jody?  

It was the very start of the pandemic and I just finished my second year of school – I was approached by a friend and asked if I could cover a mat leave on Team Jody. I have not looked back since and have loved every minute of it.  

What are you being for Halloween?  

My boyfriend and I are obsessed with the new Top Gun movie…so maybe Navy Pilots! 

What’s your favourite part of your job?  

 No day is the same! There is so much change and it allows for so much creativity.  

What does your IDEAL Saturday look like?  

Definitely sleeping in and starting my day late, grabbing coffee somewhere downtown and going for a long walk. I also love to get together with friends and family and chat over a nice dinner out.  

Are you an early morning bird or late-night cat?  

 This is an interesting one for me. I go to bed quite early, but love to sleep in. So, neither! 

Favourite meal and favourite restaurant?  

This is so difficult! I love all types of food and love trying new things. I would say my favorite meal would have to be pizza because who doesn’t love pizza?! My favorite restaurant is in Calgary called Bridgette Bar – it has the best food hands down.  

Have you read Feeling Seen yet? Any thoughts? 

I am reading it chapter by chapter with the team and so far it is incredible. It has had me laughing and crying and we’ve only made it to Chapter 2! 

Where is your favorite place to shop?  

I love Aritzia and Zara!   

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