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On the heels of a global pandemic and hard, awkward conversations about race and systemic oppression, we are left exhausted, emotionally drained, and disconnected. It’s more critical than ever that we become braver together and move forward through connection, inspiration, and joy if we want any hope of having healthy communities six months from now.

STAYLit is a one-day virtual event on January 30, 2021, for parents, educators, and anyone in a relationship. You’ll meet some of the bravest souls I know, who will ignite conversation and hold space for the most important lessons and emotions. We’ll celebrate the holy work of education; and talk burnout, grief, white privilege, diversity and inclusion, keeping connected to our next generation, and joy. All the fucking joy. I can promise you laughter, a few tears, and a new fire lit from within that you’ll take back to your communities and classrooms as we launch into 2021 #BraverTogether.

Here are 5 reasons why you should join us at STAYLit…

2021 will require us to be braver

I know you’re tired. I know there’s not much left. And that’s exactly why we need you. And each other. We must acknowledge the grief and loss this planet saw in 2020, and hold space for that, first. Then we need connection, we need calm, and we need to come together as a community to remind each other that we are wired to do hard things, and we are so much braver together.

We’re more disconnected than ever

Humans are wired for connection. We are social creatures who seek relationship with others, and when we lose the ability to connect our mental health and happiness suffer immensely. For the majority of the last 365 days, there has been intense emotional stress, fear and anxiety have been at an all time high, we’ve endured isolation and lack of human interaction and, as a result, are more disconnected than ever. Many of us are not ok. We’re exhausted and overwhelmed and can barely get one foot in front of the other. See, we were never meant to do this alone.

We need a day to come together to remind all of us that we matter, we can do hard things, and it is so much easier when we stay connected. 

It is for everyone

STAYLit is a virtual event for anyone, and everyone, who has a relationship. If you are part of any community, this day is for you. If you’re a teacher and you loved RELIT in August, bring everyone in your community to sit with us as we take the day, surrounded by amazing souls, who will do their ever best to keep us all in the game and STAYLIT as we walk our children, and each other, through hard things.

The timing is just right

I can’t think of a time when we’re going to need to sit with the winners more than January 30, 2021. As we all step back into our jobs, classrooms, routines, we need to surround ourselves with people who challenge us and push us to be better. We need to heal and repair and the answer to this is always through connection that is often the gateway to empathy.

We’re not going back to normal

Normal wasn’t nearly good enough. We are heading forward into so much better, and the easiest path is by learning from those with experience. We’ve brought the best of the best to the table. You deserve nothing less. 

Here’s the plan

Our Host

Jesse Lipscombe. Actor. Entrepreneur. Activist. 

Jesse is an advocate, actor, musician, father, partner, and all-around soul-lighting force, who will guide us through all things brave throughout this powerful day.

Our Speakers

Dr. Jody Carrington. Speaker. Author. Gamechanger. 

Our beloved Jody will open STAYLit 2021 by sparking joy with a little laughter, and some kick-ass motivation. She’ll talk about the burnout we’re up against as communities who have just walked through a global pandemic and why relationships become that much harder when we are scared.

Jesse Thistle. Indigenous Rights Activist. Best-selling Author. Assistant Professor of Metis Studies.

Jesse Thistle is a husband, a speaker, a world-shifter, and a best-selling Indigenous author of, From the Ashes, who will make you rethink everything you know about the power of the human spirit. Jesse will share his story—the most incredible tale of resiliency, loss, and how bravery is found in connection. 

Shelley Moore. Educator. Researcher. Diversity and Inclusion Activist.

Shelley Moore is a wife, soon-to-be mom, a highly sought-after teacher, researcher, speaker, and storyteller, and has worked with school districts and organizations around the world. She advocates for inclusion for all students and supports communities to shift towards more equitable structures and practices specifically designed for students with disabilities.

George Couros. Learner. Innovator. Author.

George Couros is a husband, father, and worldwide leader in the area of innovation and has a focus on innovation as a human endeavor. He has written two incredible books on Innovation for educators and he believes that meaningful change happens when you first connect to people’s hearts.

Laurie McIntosh. Kindergarten Teacher. Author. Kindness Aficionado. 

Laurie is a mama to three, wife of one, and kindergarten teacher to many. She thrives on creating a culture of kindness in the classroom, fostering community collaborations with those who believe in the power of connection, and building relationships with learners and their families in unique ways.

Jessica Janzen + Ronnie Olstad. Entrepreneurs. Speakers. Joy Starters.

Jessica and Ronnie overcame unspeakable tragedies, including the loss of their second child,  and have committed their lives to share their story and encourage others to live their most authentic, bold, and joyful life.

What are you waiting for?

This day, January 30, 2021, will be the first step in our slow and steady ambush of 2021. It is for you. It is for everyone. Get Lit with us. We are the change we’ve been waiting for. Xo


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