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Who rules the world? Girls! March often brings a shift in seasons, and with it, thoughts of spring and a focus on female energy. This month is all about celebrating women’s achievements, taking action for equality, and raising awareness against bias. This is the year to rise, my friends, as women, for women, and for all who identify with a female energy – all I know is we need more of it in this season of disconnect.

Rise with kindness and grace to meet the challenges in front of us and rise to explore new perspectives while helping to forge a gender-equal world. From challenge comes change. #ChooseToChallenge

There are 5 Female Authors To Read This Month whose words have resonated with my soul – and we’d love you to know about them too: 

  1. Mary Tidlund – Inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author of Memoirs of A Wildcat, Tidlund’s story is one about so many layers of life. This Alberta-born bad-ass speaks about adoption and rejection and being found – all in a way that will change your life.
  2. Michelle ObamaBecoming. This was an easy, but essential pick for me. I loved her story of soul-to-soul connections with her family as she rose to greatness long before she met Barack. What a journey through the White House looked like was such an important piece to witness. These are good words that make you believe you can do so much.
  3. Glennon DoyleUntamed. Another easy one for me. When Glennon told me early in these pages that I am “a Goddamn cheetah”, I believed her. If you ever need words to inspire a shift, you’ll find them here.
  4. Dr Sarah LewisThe Rise. This one’s on my list. Creativity, failure, and the search for mastery all spoke to my heart as I listened to a podcast with her talking about this book. You will find it on my bedside table.
  5. Tarana Burke and Dr Brene BrownYou Are Your Best Thing is scheduled for release on April 27th and you can bet I’ll be first in line. I cannot wait to see the words woven together by these two brave souls. I guess this doesn’t count for “this month” – but I think it’ll be that good that it’ll be worth the wait. 

Connecting people with big ideas, visions, and empowering dreams can be magic. So many have come to the crossroads we have yet to arrive at, and it’s a thing of beauty when you can see yourself in someone else’s words. We need female energy in this world right now. Sit at the table with women who get it. Read their words or write your own. It is in the stories we share that freedom lives. 

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. xo

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