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The season of giving is fast upon us.

We created this challenge for our amazing online community to build (re)connection in our lives. I want you to complete one task on the calendar, every single day, between December 1—23. The activities are designed for you to carve out just a few extra moments a day for yourself, to help you be more grounded in you and for those you love the most.

For me, December has historically been a month of indulgence. The last month to get all the vices in (and the options are everywhere) before I would “get serious again” in January.  There have not been many Decembers that have came and went where I left this month healthier (both physically and emotionally) than when I started it. I started to wonder if I (and many we—there’s power in numbers) could do this different this year. Just give it a shot. At the worst, we sink back into what December has always felt like or be our BEST, as we step through the holidays reconnected to ourselves and those we love. I thought about the importance of connection and community when we want to feel the most accomplished, so the team and I agreed that it would be fun to invite you to join all of us in kicking December’s ass.

Join me—it’s gonna be soooo good!

Step 1: Screenshot or download the challenge into your calendar, print off the calendar PDF.

Step 2: Do the friggin thing. Every. Single. Day. (Ps: they’re small and easy to do!)

Step 3: Tag us on social media using #drjodychallenge so we can celebrate your commitment during the month! Make sure your posts are public so we can see it too!

Step 4: Win the GRAND PRIZE! Complete ALL 23 days and you are entered into the grand prize draw! To be eligible, you must tag us on social media with #drjodychallenge, when you complete “the task” every single day (either with picture proof, or tagging your partner in crime to verify you’re legit-ness). We will announce the GRAND PRIZE mid-December to keep you motivated!

I’ll be kicking December’s ass each day—so be sure to check out my journey on social media and let me know how you are doing!

23 Day ReConnect Challenge — colourful PDF file

23 Day ReConnect Challenge — printable (without the background image).

(Re)Connection Challenge — click here to download and add the challenges to your calendar (.ics file).

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