Being “trauma-informed” is the focus for many schools and organizations these days.  And it is critical and necessary for those of us working in professions where people experience significant trauma (like in our classrooms, and in every single public service sector on the planet).  In truth, very few of us get through this life unscathed and understanding the brain from a trauma perspective can change everything.  We’ve developed this as a one-day session we will spend some time talking about the ever-increasing mental health concerns in our lives from our kids to those struggling with addiction. We will explore what “trauma” means for kids and adults alike, and what it is that is most helpful following a significant trauma. We will discuss the research regarding the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) and how this shows up in our communities and our classrooms. We will talk about the necessity of leaders assisting staff in keeping their “lid on” and reminding them, as often as we can, that they are the difference makers when we work in organizations that face people with trauma stories. We will highlight the struggles that we face in our province that show up in our classrooms and we will discuss some potential approaches that may assist in helping our staff keep our kids (and their families) regulated and supported.

This session typically follows the Day One on Relationships. If you would like more information on our trauma informed talk, please be in touch, as I would love to visit you and your team.