from babies, to marriages, to death (oh my)

This is the heart of it all for me. I can talk about this for an hour or for an entire day. In this ever-changing talk, I aim to create an inspiring journey through developmental stages from babes to adolescents all the way into our later years. We will answer the most important question on the planet: “Am I worth it?”. Turns out, the only way each of us answers that question is in the context of relationship. And the biggest challenge facing each of us “these days” is that we’ve never been more disconnected, making it harder than ever to determine if we really, truly matter in this world. Through exploring the most recent research on attachment and emotional regulation, we will talk about some very practical things that are critical in first helping our children learn how to manage emotions and later what that looks like in our friendships, our marriages, and most importantly, with ourselves.

This talk is one of the “basics” and is where I like to start when working with organizations. This talk originated in our work with educators.  We’ve since tailored it in our work with everyone from police officers and emergency services personnel, foster parents, chid care providers, and anyone else who has relationships! We will talk about having an important “common language” between those of us who work together with some of the most difficult babes and families who need us the most, and how we might best be able to develop a network within our communities to do this effectively. This talk serves the groundwork to our philosophy. It is an amazing stand-alone option, but also is the necessary foundation for the other things that I like to talk about like trauma (funner than it sounds), grief (also can be funner than it sounds) and “compassion fatigue.  Be ready for laughter and discussion as we navigate our way through this very important understanding and we learn together what it is your community needs the most.

If you would like more information on how we can tailor this talk to your school or organization, please be in touch!  We would love to work with your crew.