Leading Greatness

This is our most recent talk and it has essentially built itself. As I develop my own company and talk about the importance of relationships across all other aspects of life, I’ve come to understand that system leaders are some of the most powerful people on the planet. And good leaders understand the importance of relationship first. It’s also become clear to me that good leaders are rare. But when you are one, you can build a team who will run through the fire with you. They will be brave, and courageous, and committed. The steps to create a team like this are shockingly simple to do (on paper) but require remarkable courage in action. I believe the job of a leader is to make the uncomfortable, comfortable. To excavate the unsaid and create an environment where teams are connected. We know without a doubt that people with a common goal are exponentially more committed and productive, it’s how we get them there that makes all the difference. I believe relationship knows no hierarchy; however, leaders at the top who embody connection make it safe for everyone on their team to use their power of connection to change their organization.

This talk has been developed as a prelude to work with teams in your organizations, as it becomes essential that those at the top “buy in” before moving forward. This can also serve as a “stand alone” event. We’d love to talk with your leadership teams!