Once I became a parent, I realized that this is the hardest (friggen) job on the planet. I was so much better at the parenting thing before I had kids (are you with me?). There’s so many opinions and so many “right ways”. We’ve developed this shorter session (seems to work best in a two-hour go), often in an evening with good snacks, where we talk about just how normal it is to never feel like you’re doing this parenting (or co-parenting, or step-parenting) thing right. If you own a kid (or are helping to raise one), our sole job is to teach them this thing called emotional regulation, before we (eventually) launch them into this big-old world. That means, sadly, that in order to do that, we have to figure out how to model for them what calm looks like (and turns out, just telling them to CALM DOWN doesn’t work for long, and neither does taking the things they love away so that they’ll eventually figure out that you want them to be kind). Expect an evening of laughter and stories, while we under-stand how attachment and connection to our babes and our partners will give our children the most important skill they will ever learn, how to be kind and connected people we can be proud of.

We’ve done this talk in church basements, living rooms, town halls, and auditoriums. We’d love to join your team (or group of parents) and talk this talk.