As we are expected to “do more with less” in this world of increasing disconnection, our employees are becoming more and more tired of giving, particularly in professions where we hold people with trauma histories.  Some would say, however, that we are wired for compassion and that you cannot tire of the things we are born to do. We can, however, be triggered by our own stories, and when we have no where to put that “stuff”, we can’t do our jobs like we used to do. We can’t “show up” like we used to. And we start to wonder “what’s wrong with me”. What I know for sure is that we cannot serve from an empty vessel. This day will involve a discussion about how we need to look after each other if we can ever hope to assist the children and families we serve and teach. How do we rally the “village” to be the best we can be?

This session typically follows the Day One on Relationships. If you would like more information on how “compassion fatigue” might be affecting your staff or organization, please be in touch, as I would love to visit you and your team.