KINDSIGHT 101 by Morgane Michael

Small Act Big Impact 43:04 | FEBRUARY 13, 2019 We talk about trauma, ways to connect with the kids in our lives, and some of the ways we can take care of ourselves along the way. Listen here. If you want to make a big impact on those around you, to truly make positive change in your school, workplace, and…


Character Speaks Podcast

Kids These Days 39:55 | JANUARY 15, 2019 We chatted all about kids these days. A little about trauma and a lot about the holiness of the work that educators do. Listen now on iTunes. Finish off Season One of Character Speaks through the beating heart and beautiful lens of the incredibly passionate child psychologist, author, wife and mom, Dr. Jody Carrington. Listen…


#ShareMOEdu Podcast

#ShareMOEdu Episode 48 with Dr. Jody Carrington 36:46 | DECEMBER 27, 2018 We talked about giving whatever you’ve got on the best and worst days. Listen now on iTunes. Dr. Jody Carrington is a clinical psychologist, author, and speaker from Alberta, Canada who took her teacher's belief in her and turned it into a career. By the virtue of the profession…

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